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Knee Braces

Knee Braces

Rebound® Knee Immobilizer Universal

Item Details:
Rebound® Knee Immobilizer Universal features a universal 3-panel design that can be adjusted to accommodate most leg circumferences.
With an MR* Conditional rating, patients can be safely scanned in an MR system, while maintaining immobilization.

Flex® OA

Item Details:
COMPREHENSIVE SUPPORT – Support system for ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, rotary and combined instabilities.
PATENTED ACCUTRAC® HINGES – Advanced four-bar linkage system mimics the natural movement of the leg.
CARBON COMPOSITE FRAME – Heat moldable carbon composite accommodates edema (swelling) and/or other changes in the leg shape during rehabilitation.
ADJUSTABLE TIBIAL STRAPS – The strap runs along the shin bone.
GEL FIT™ CONDYLAR PAD – Soft, gel fit pads are applied on the medial (left side) hinge of the knee braces for suspension and comfort

Rebound® Post-Op Knee

Item Details:
The success of an articular cartilage repair is dependent upon patient compliance during the rehabilitation process and the protocol is based on restricted cartilage load combined with gradual increase in activity.

Many rehabilitation protocols suggest partial weight-bearing as the standard of care for successful outcomes.

However, patient compliance to partial weight-bearing instructions with crutches has been shown to be inconsistent.

The Rebound Cartilage is a protective functional solution designed to support regeneration of the knee cartilage after repair procedures such as Microfracture, OATS and (M)ACI.

Based on the clinically proven 3-point Leverage System and patented Cartilage Protection Straps™, joint unloading is maintained in flexion for protection of the cartilage during the healing process.

Rebound® Cartilage

Item Details:
Össur’s Rebound Post-Op Knee brace delivers controlled range of motion for the knee in an intuitive, quick-fitting design
Suitable for the average, tall and super small, the Rebound Post-Op Knee provides a secure, comfortable fit to users

*Fitting by a healthcare professional is required

Rebound® DUAL ST

Item Details:
Step-Through Design: advantage in comfort & fitting with ease.
Sleek, Strong Frame: offering the strength of aircraft aluminum with a light-weight design, the 14” (35 cm) frame length keeps a low-profile.
Anti-Gravity: Activegrip™ liners with the added advantage of Össur’s anti-migration strap (AMS) system.
Easy for Everyone: simple strapping system and field-serviceable technology for adjustments on the go.
Versatile, comfortable, and reliable support for improved ligament stability.
Suitable for low-to-high impact activities as well as sliding sports.
Optional PCL kit accessory for support of the PCL.
Available in pre-fabricated sizes XS-3XL and also custom-made.

CTi® Mission

Item Details:
Knee ligament (ACL, MCL, LCL or PCL) issues or combined instabilities can sideline even the most active lifestyle. The Össur CTi® Mission can help. Featuring a new, lightweight design that is great for both everyday activities and sports, CTi® Mission provides the same support and durable, high-tech materials you’ve come to expect from the brand you trust.

Formfit® Pro Knee OA

Item Details:
DYNAMIC FORCE SYSTEM™ STRAP (DFS) – Applies a counteracting force for added support.
PRECISION ENGINEERED 3D KNIT – Delivers medical grade compression to hold the knee to the shape (and size) and help reduce swelling.
LIGHT-WEIGHT COOLVENT™ KNIT – Breathable and moisture-wicking fabric provides added comfort and cooling to the back of the knee.
STAYBILIZER™ HINGE – Made from light, flexible, yet extremely durable EVA material, for an ideal shape and fit.

Formfit® Pro Knee OA is lightweight, breathable, comfortable for everyday use.

Unloader One® X

Item Details:
Clinically proven to improve mobility by providing relief from knee osteoarthritis pain, the Unloader One X knee brace for osteoarthritis is your companion for everyday activities and adventures. From gardening to playing with grandchildren and pickleball to evening strolls, Unloader One X provides reliable relief and support for the things you love – because living with knee pain shouldn’t be the new normal.

The Unloader One X offloading knee brace’s patented 3-Point Leverage System “unloads” the pressure from your affected knee compartment, resulting in a reduction of knee osteoarthritis pain.

Neoprene Knee Sleeve

Item Details:
PATENTED 3D-MOLDING – Fabric is designed to control the bunching and irritation in the popliteal (back of knee) region.

Available with option for Open or Closed knee sleeve with Thin (0.3 cm) and Thick (0.6 cm) Neoprene.

Formfit® ROM Knees

Item Details:
MALLEABLE HINGES – Designed to provide external stabilization and fit.
BREATHABLE MATERIAL – The soft material enhances comfort and continued wear while remaining durable.
OPEN POPLITEAL AREA – The open, back of knee area reduces material bulging and potential irritation for everyday wear.

Available in either wrap or sleeve version. The ROM is available in variable lengths (12in, 16in).

Formfit® Tracker

Item Details:
CustomFit™ hinges for customized fit and support
Anti-Migration Tech™ minimizes migration
PowerLock™ straps for secure lateral support
ReflexWing ™ buttress for comfortable patella realignment
FlyWeight™ fabric for soft feel and breathability
Available in 7 sizes, right and left
Durable and machine washable

Premium Elastic Knee Support

Item Details:
COMFORTABLE SLEEVE DESIGN – Easy to pull-on and easy to remove.
BREATHABLE FABRIC – The soft, stretchy fabric enhances comfort and continued wear by allowing heat and moisture to escape throughout the brace.
OPEN POPLITEAL AREA – The open knee area reduces material bulging and potential irritation for everyday comfort and wear.

Rebound® Knee

Item Details:
Highly breathable aerospacer material reduces heat retention and improves comfort.

Low profile hinges with extension and flexion stop kit options (ROM version) and malleable arms to provide a custom fit along with knee movement control.

Contoured pre-tensed Cooltech™ fabric designed to reduce irritation and material bulging in the popliteal area.

Removable straps allow application from right or left side, and strap pull-tab allows for consistent donning by patient.

Universal buttresses are included with all sleeve versions for customizable patella support.

Formfit® Pro Knee

Item Details:
MotionTech™ for compression and dynamic fit with superior moisture wicking and breathability, keeping your knee cool during wear.

Certified medical grade compression (20-30 mmHg).

Lightweight CoolVent™ knit in popliteal area for added breathability and comfort.

Patented SmartPad™ for targeted support and cushioning.

Patella graphics for intuitive placement.

Patented FoldLock™ system for easier and more secure application.

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